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Please, please READ Me:

This is nothing special at all. All I did was edit the terrain, replace the trees and almost all of the suburban lots with other ones I downloaded from other people. So it might look a little messy, especially since I wasn’t planning on releasing this, but since I needed help exporting the world, I thought it’d be wrong to not share it, so here it is. Now, IMPORTANT stuff…

  • You MUST go this THIS blog, download Bridgewood, and take the CC File and install it in your game for the trees and rabbit holes to show up if you’re going to use the save file. VERY IMPORTANT.
  • I have ALL EPs and SPs installed. Most important EPs include Late Night (duh) Island Paradise, Showtime, and University. I don’t know about the rest, but just know that I use all of them.
  • I know some of the palm trees and objects are legit store bought copies, so decrapped items will not show up in your game. There is nothing I can do about this. Two most important store worlds required is Lucky Palms and Roaring Heights for the save file. 
  • I’ve included a save file along with the world, fully edited and populated to my liking. 


**DISCLAIMER: I will NOT be supporting this download. And there is NO TOU. Do whatever**


*Cute and Random Pose Pack* (Pose List Enabled)

Hey guys! I’m so excited to be sharing my second pose pack! After this I’m done for the week, haha. So tired =__= (haha I know I’m a lazy bum)

Pose number 5 is a balloon pose! It’s best used with the one from Roaring Heights, but I think the base game has balloons too. Some of the poses is causing some clipping on my model, but it wouldn’t happen if I had her put on another outfit. But tell me if you guys encounter some other problems.

These poses were derived from many people on Pinterest! x x x 

[xDownloadx] - mediafire                 Enjoy! <3


Esther Community Lots

- - - - - 

This is NOT a world. You can download the Esther world here.

Esther City Hall

Esther High Street

The Lorraine Memorial Park

Esther Hospital

Esther Police Department

Esther Business Centre

Esther Theatre District

Esther Lorraine High School

Esther Cemetary

I’ve located some of them for you on the image above, but it’s pretty easy to find where to put everything. So, here you go, as promised. I will be working on some houses in the future for you. Have fun!

Let me know if any of the links aren’t working.



Here you are, my dear followers. A little gift to show my love. Another base game world. It’s empty, you will need to place the lots yourself, or you can simply create your own. It’s yours to tailor to your own needs. 

It’s a medium sized world. Here are the residential lots in the world:

20 x 20 (x1)
30 x 20 (x5)
30 x 30 (x2)
30 x 40 (x2)
40 x 20 (x1)
40 x 40 (x1)
50 x 40 (x1)
50 x 50 (x1)

Download ‘Esther’

Download ‘Esther City Hall’

Download ‘Esther Lorraine High School’

Download ‘The Lorraine Memorial Park’

(The picture above will show you where to put the lots).

Please let me know if any of the links aren’t working, or if anything’s wrong with the world/lots in general. Community lots and residential that I have made for this world will be uploaded at a later date for anyone that wants them. Feedback is appreaciated! I want to hear about your experiences and stories, so tag ‘itsasim-thing’ or ‘esther world’ in your posts.


7 Photoshop Actions by (Part One)

Someone messaged me a while back asking how I edit my pictures, what actions I use etc. so I decided to upload my very own personal collection of actions that I use to edit my pictures. 

1. Angelic Awe
2. Porcelain Princess
3. It’s Grunge, Baby
4. Just Peachy
5. Sunset Wash
6. Your Love Is Electric
7. Silky Soft
8. We’re Cool

Please don’t claim these actions as your own work. I put a lot of effort into editing them for public use and I’d appreciate it if you could credit me where possible. Link my simblr or tag me in your posts. Please note that the actions will vary depending on the lighting/colour of your original image, which is why I have a wide variety do they can’t be applied accordingly. Be sure to play about with them on different images so you can get a feel for when/where to use them. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. 

Download Here



Brrr!! Warm up your sim families with this little pose pack, in celebration of momo’s mess reaching 800 followers! Thank you my lovelies ♥

It is pose list compatible, but just in case you’d rather type here’s the list in order:

  • a_mosneakers_sweaterweather_a01
  • a_mosneakers_sweaterweather_b01
  • a_mosneakers_sweaterweather_parent01
  • a_mosneakers_sweaterweather_parent02
  • p_mosneakers_sweaterweather_tot01


'Cause it's too cold
For you here and now
So let me hold
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

~ sweater weather 😉❤️



Tropius it’s a luxury residence. There is 3 bedrooms and a master bedroom. There are 4 bathroom. 

Lot Price: 283.131

Size: 64x64



Hey there! I built a boardwalk in The Sims 3! Hope you like it! Download:


Hey there! I built a boardwalk in The Sims 3! Hope you like it! Download:




This is the second version of Bridgewood with 15 playable households and a number of small tweaks. Requires only the base game patched to 1.63.Includes CC made by me specifically for this world (Rabbit Holes, Trees, Plants and Misc Decor)You download the world here or from my sidebar.Enjoy! :D




This is the second version of Bridgewood with 15 playable households and a number of small tweaks. 

Requires only the base game patched to 1.63.

Includes CC made by me specifically for this world (Rabbit Holes, Trees, Plants and Misc Decor)

You download the world here or from my sidebar.

Enjoy! :D




A generous benefactor has increased town funding for Twinbrook, and has helped the town they grew up in move on from its industrial roots and clean up to be a more pristine and polished neighbourhood. The swamp has been cleared, the industrial blocks have been demolished, and the town is a little greener— and perhaps even happier.

This is a small project I worked on in CAW for the past few days. My goal was to simply remove the outer industrial/swamp areas from Twinbrook to make it a tidy town. I also deleted all of the trees and shrubbery and re-did them from scratch. The lots and roads are (with exception to the removed areas) exactly identical to what Twinbrook came with.


  • World Adventures expansion pack
  • Ambitions expansion pack


  • Seed spawners, gem spawners, butterfly/beetle spawners and fishing spawners included
  • General routing re-arrangements, including more areas where sims can reach the shoreline to swim in the lake/ocean/rivers
  • The underwater texture is very ugly. Basically, any EA world that came before the ability to swim in non-pool water has really, really ugly textures underwater and it’d have taken me a long time to retexture this.
  • No sims are included in the homes. It is an empty world that will need to be populated.
  • Some rabbitholes used to be in the industrial areas of Twinbrook, and due to the fact I got rid of all of that, they are missing. For example, the stadium and military base. You can add these yourself if you really need them, there’s room.


  • Having trouble getting the world to show up in your main menu? This is a bug with installing worlds since the 1.42 patch. Workarounds can be found in this thread HERE. This does not always need to be done, so try to install it the regular way (via launcher) first. If that doesn’t work do this.
  • Can’t place a blank lot in Edit Town? This is a game-wide issue, especially if you are trying to place a lot where another lot used to be (and got demolished). If you are placing a lot where another lot once was, save your game and exit to the main menu. Then reload. If you are having trouble getting a lot to snap to the road, hold down your ALT key while placing the lot, as it allows finer placement. You can also rotate it freely so you can get it to match the angle of the road.
  • HELP Tidier Twinbrook broke my game what do I do?! Shouldn’t break your game, but if you want to uninstall it, simply uninstall from the Sims 3 Launcher if you installed it the standard way, or you need to go into the Nonpackaged > Worlds directory you installed it to via the instructions in the MTS link and simply delete the file. Make sure to delete any saves you have in the world as well.
  • I have not yet playtested this thoroughly, so if you run into any game-breaking bugs let me know and if it’s dire enough I’ll go in and fix it.

I am also including the CAW files in this post so savvy CAW users can tweak the world further to their liking. Sorry in advance for the horrible layer disorganization, hehe.